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November 21, 2006



Hey Richard,

Loving your posts live from Rome and hearing about the food and such. 18 miles today amazing! This happens while I am there too and I completly understand.

I wanted to know if next time you are close to Giolitti, if you could cruise by the Albergo Nazionale · Piazza Montecitorio, 131 · 00186. There is a wonderful black cat there who hangs out by usualy by the luggage rack outside. He's my favorite cat in Rome, he has only one eye and he drools when you pet him. I just wondered if he is still around.

Also I see you went over to Via Cola Rienzo today, I love this street. There is a great Gellato shop there you may like to try - personal favorite is melone and coconut combo with panna. Th eshop is called Pellacchia and address is Via Cola Di Rienzo, 111 - if you get a chance, check it out.

Will be looking for more of your writings.

Ciao, Eileen


WOW! 18 miles! You deserve another gelatto! We never made it to Castel Saint Angelo, it's one of the 'save it for the next trips' that we had, and there were many! Enjoying your blog!

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