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Sunday, November 21, 2004



dear richard,

i'm enjoying reading your blog so much. paris is my favorite city and i love being there vicariously through reading your reports.

last time i was there (christmas 2002/new year's 2003), i took a shuttle van to CDG from the Dacia Luxembourg in the latin quarter. i was the first pick-up and there were at least 4 more after me. i arrived late to check in for my air france flight which, of course, was overbooked, due to bad signage at the airport and all of the extra shuttle stops-- but the great thing was i somehow managed to remain calm and collected enough that once air france called for passengers assigned to the stand-by list, i miraculaously was granted a seat in Business Class! i felt like a princess and cherish that special treat. it is the most fabulous gift i have ever received for christmas.

and another cool thing was hearing a familiar voice singing an unfamiliar song on the shuttle van's radio as just the driver and i veered toward another pick-up near the tour Eiffel: tom jones singing "tom jones international"! he may be a dinosaur, but he still chooses really cool tunes (this one in collab. with wyclef jean)...


Hi Richard,

Also enjoyed your blog of Paris. Heading there soon for the first time. I have been to Rome many times and every new neighborhood I stay in becomes my favorite. I think it will be the same in Paris. Hope to make use of some of your valuable information. Thank you.

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