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Sunday, November 21, 2004



I am so glad to read this! (I am sorry you had a bad night there though). I had heard some glowing reviews from one person who stayed there, I was going to suggest it for my son who will be in Paris in Feb.
Obviously, I will not suggest a place like this.
Enjoying your blog very much, Scarlett


In a skewed sort of way I'm glad to see your posting on this hotel, Richard. I stayed there two years ago and had almost the same experiences that you did. My shower sprayed in every known direction and soaked everything in the bathroom despite the shower curtain. When I mentioned it to the gentleman at the front desk he literally shrugged it off. I also was twice left standing at the front desk waiting for my key with no one in sight, and was wakened by not only workmen's cigarette smoke each morning at 7:30 but also by the fumes from the paint and varnish they were using in the hallway. I agree that the location can't be beat, but have been mystified by all the wonderful raving reviews I've read of this hotel. I thought it was adequate for the money, but not someplace I would be in a hurry to recommend or stay at again. Maybe you and I accidently went to the wrong hotel?


Thanks for the info - cancelling my reservations.


Had nearly an identical experience at this hotel back in August 2003. The desk clerks were indifferent in the extreme.

This time my daughter and I are renting an apartment in the area...

I would also like to know what people are raving about.

Enjoy your trip to NYC, by the way...

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