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Thursday, November 18, 2004


gay gagliardi

You are the best food critic that I've encountered. You crack me up! Go ahead and kick Au Gourmet de L'Isle in the derrier. The nerve to rip you off so bad.
Sorry I haven't written sooner. They just decreased the size of my cubicle, isn't that a riot. They did it to all of us in order to squeeze out 2 more cubes. I'm in a mouse trap!


We ate their our first trip to Paris. It was recommended by Fodor's. We were very disappointed in our experience. The food was only so-so. The service was downright surly to everyone there, French, American, or whatever. The waiter was very harried and was snarling and snapping. I would have to say it was my worst restaurant experience in my visits to Paris. Just down the street we had a much better experience at Brasserie Ile St. Louis. I know it is a different dining experience, but much better food and more friendly and relaxed. I will keep the Le Caveau in mind.

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