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Tuesday, July 05, 2005



the roasted figs stuffed with goat cheese sound very tempting. i have figs at home right now so i'll have to try this out..
i agree with you that it's so lovely to be in the city when everyone else is gone!


I love plain raw figs but goast cheese stuffed figs sounds interesting.

And this restaurant sounds really good. Now I want to go! I spent my July 4th doing pretty much nothing.

Do you have a favorite macaroon in NYC?


What a great resource for those of us in NYC who always go to the same five're an inspiration to try new ones...Tartine is certainly on the list.

y me one

Buy me one of those onion choppers for my birthday--that looks great!

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I wish we could have ordered more, because I loved everything we ate, and every other dish I saw come out of the kitchen also looked amazing.

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Wow, I love Peking duck and never thought to make it myself, but you are always a source of inspiration. Can I just say that when I first saw that picture, I thought had a 6 pack, and was ripped! Regardless of the athletic inclinations of the duck, the final results look amazing.

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