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Saturday, July 15, 2006



Richard, I love Au Petit Extra! We always sit at those small tables in the window, so I picture you there, enjoying the creme brulee~
Our waitress looked like Fanny Ardant and was great, I am sorry you did not get her on this visit :)
I am loving your blog, you are making me miss Montreal very much.
Looking forward to more...S


I love Au Petit Extra too; I eat there everytime I go to Montreal. So glad to know it's still great.


Do you take notes and/or type while you eat?

I take notes! I don't go out to eat with a computer (yet?).

I am planning a trip to Paris in December and have enjoyed reading your reviews.


You mentioned somewhere that you once had a macaron in Montreal that was as light as a cloud. Where did you have that macaron?
I just got back from Paris and am going through Laduree withdrawal, big time. I live in Montral and the only macaron I had was roundish and crunchy and hollow. Not quite what I've been craving!
Any tips would be appreciated!

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