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November 18, 2005



Kristin and I never made it to the Muffin Man and we had every intention of doing so on your suggestion. I want to go to London again!

i heart the muffin man


I lived on Lexham Gardens in London and always recommend this place . . . I was performing at the Globe for a season. They put me up in Kensington, which was nice, but I couldn't afford to eat in KEnsington on my salary. The muffin man was a godsend, and i still miss thier scones with rasp preserves and devon creme. I came across your blog b/c I was trying to give my younger brother a correct street address on it, as he is there now.


I also lived on Lexham Gardens for a semester and the Muffin Man was our absolute favorite place for Sunday brunch! It was enjoyable, and positively perfect to say the least. When I return to London that is the very first place I'm headed.

Heather M

The Muffin man now serves a hot English breakfast, the staff say this has gone over very well. This has always been a place you can go with a book and hang out for hours. You have to love a place where the staff doesnt even hand you a menu they know you so well! If you ever plan to travel to Jordan, george the ownder will give you tons of travel tips ( he is from there).

Joana R.

i got to try the muffin man and i loved it. all the vibes and food are amazing =) came back to portugal 2 days ago and already miss london. i surely hope i get the time to go back and get to know more about that amazing place. take care*


We lived in Cheniston Gardens around just a few doors from The Muffin Man and it became our neighborhood cafe. From our first visit George, the owner and his wonderful staff of friendly and dare I say pretty girls treated us like family. Our three year old son was 'adopted' by George and Lilly who always greeted us with a smile and hugs.

We ate there frequently and always enjoyed take away muffins for our Saturday adventures.

The Muffin Man is a warm cozy spot with simply the friendliest people in town. A great place to grab a leisurely bite or a nice cuppa.

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