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November 25, 2004


Already I am vicariously enjoyng your first class flight to London- lucky you!! As I sit writing this note, it is 9:30pm Texas time--quite dark and quiet. You, too, are probably sitting (oops--forgot about your cool bed!) in the dark and quiet of your aircraft as you wing your way, once again, to lovely London. I trust you will let us know how well you sleep and what they serve in 1st class for breaking the fast. Is it true they give you Champagne for breakfast? LOL Myself, I've only enjoyed the semi (##!?) luxury of coach. Perhaps, one of these years, I too, can cash in my points for a first class trip. One can only dream. Speaking of dreaming, I will say adieu for tonight and climb into my bed (already folded out) and dream of my next trip to London and Paris. Fall of 2006 will be here before I know it--God willin and the creeks don't rise. Nite,nite. J

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